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Activities —PublicationsLiterary and art magazine “Veraśien” (“September”)


2011-09-15 0

The 5th edition of “Veraśien” has a traditionally rich poetry section. This time our authors are Marylia Šlyk, Valeryj Pryčynic, Marysia Suša, Hłeb Labadzenka, Nadzeja Filon, Nasta Hryščuk, Tacciana Maciuchina. Henadz Buraǔkin shares his experience with young authors. The prose section presents works by Maryna Jausejčyk, Siarhej Pryvalaǔ, Siarhej Belajar, Palina Kačatkova, Alieś Navaryč. Read what women dream of in an erotic phantasia by a young playwright Miura Farydovič. In this issue we publish Bahdan-Ihar Antonyč poetry cycle “A carol’s ring”, translated from Ukrainian by Siarhej Zakonnikaǔ. Ryhor Sitnica presents a sharp critical article “Meditations of the one discordant with being a hobbit”. In the same section one will find Asia Paplaǔskaja’s talk with the head of the Belarusian internet library  Kamunikat. org Jaraslaǔ Ivaniuk as well as “Disordered Scraps of the mental Process” by Nil Hilevič, Ualadzimir Siǔčykau’s  facetias and itineraries by Raisa Kryvalcevič. Anatol Trafimčyk reviews the book “To the One Who Will Find” by Tacciana Sivec. Hanna Novik surfes Homel self-published books. Popular bands " PANaNieba" і "ZIGZAG" are interviewed about creation mysteries by Ałdona Martynenka. The issue traditionally ends with “A CD collection” by Vitaut Martynenka”.

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