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Anatol Viarcinski

was born in Vicebsk region in 1931. He is a poet, playwright, literary critic and a translator. Mr. Viarcinski graduated from the School of Journalism of the Belarusian State University and later worked as a reporter and an editor for a number of newspapers and magazines. Anatol Viarcinski had worked as the executive secretary of the BSSR Writers’ Union (1967 – 1982) and as the editor in chief of “Litaratura i Mastactva” newspaper (1986 – 1990). He had been a deputy of Belarus Supreme Soviet and a deputy head of its Publicity, Mass Media and Human Rights Committee (1990 – 1995).
Mr. Viarcinski has written a great number of poetry and literary criticism collections as well as a number of plays and books for children. He translated extensively from Spanish, Lithuanian, Russian, Polish and other languages. He was honored with the BSSR State Prize in 1988.

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