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An Open Letter to the Prime-Minister A. Kabyakou

The recent 5 years have witnessed the progressive decline in the number of university entrants who take the test in the Belarusian language. Hence, we suggest making the test in the Belarusian language compulsory for all the Belarusian university entrants.

2015.06.12 1

Linguistic Diversity News


"Revivalistics" online course.

Montana debates a bill on native languages' immersion programmes support.

5-th Cambridge Conference on language endangerement.

2015.05.26 0

Lida for Belarusian National Symbols

The ancient Pahonya symbol has always been the sign of Lida district. Even during the soviet regime, the weather vane shaped as Pahonya crowned the top of Lida Castle tower.

2015.05.18 0