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On the Belarusian Language on Belarusian Libraries' Web-pages

2015.03.13 0


 The vast majority of Belarusian libraries have signs and other textual informations dispalyed in Belarusian. Most librarians speak Belarusian. However, as for their web-pages, the situation is worse.

Approximately a half of fundamental Belarusian libraries have a Belarusian version of their web-pages, like the National Library or the President's Library.

Of regional libraries, just Grodna Library has a full-scale Belarusian version, some have certain pages in Belarusian while some have a Russian version only.

Of major university libraries, only the one of Grodna University has a Belarusian version of its web-page.

The Belarusian Digital Library has a Russian web-page only.

As for district libraries, a number of them have standardized web-pages with only the Russian version. However, those that have original web-sites, usually have a Belarusian version of them.

Interestingly, the libraries that belong to the Ministry of Culture mainly have Belarusian pages, while those of the Ministry of Education - don't.

The Nationa Library of Ukraine has a Belarusian version.

By S. Sudnik

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