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New videos by the Belarusian Language Society

2015.02.16 0

The 2 new videos from the "Right to the Language" Series focus on language activists and music as the source of the language revitalization.

The Right to the Language Series

Which courses of the Belarusian language are the best? Do people speak Belarusian in Church? How can one defend her linguistic rights in court?

Dear friends, these and many other questions are answered in the new project by the Belarusian Language Society and Vilnius Television Association. It is a video series on the Belarusian language and linguistic rights in various spheres of our life. Belarusian is mere a school subject for some people. But it is in fact a living language of many people that is spoken at various institutions. Unfortunately, one cannot always enjoy her right to use it. Nevertheless, our beautiful, peculiar and rich language is worth to be spoken anywhere. So, the slogan of our series could be “Language Everywere!”.

Why have we launched this project and why will it be of interest for You? The Belarusian Language Society monitors the role of the Belarusian language in various domains. In these videos we present some of the monitoring’s results. We wish not to report dry fact but to share with you personal stories.

You may recognize yourselves in these films – which is always fun to watch. Or maybe, you won’t – but you would like to share your stories of using the language. You are welcome to submit your comments and proposals. Do you seek friends and partners? Our series will help you. You may also be reassured that economy is the only thing that matters, while language is worth nothing. We respect any opinion, but welcome you to watch our films too. We hope, they will broaden your views.

Still, the main objective for this project is the following. We believe, that upon watching the films you will do something. For example, you will say your first phrase in Belarusian. Or maybe, you will support one of our Society’s campaigns. Say, when we collect signatures under the demand to pass the law “On the State Protection of the Belarusian Language”, you will join. Now is right the time when we can improve the situation.

Even if you don’t speak Belarusian every day, this language belongs to you, it is your treasure and you have a right to it – always and everywhere.

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