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Міжнародны сцяг моў

Symbols of Languages

What may be the design of the Belarusian language symbol? Do any other languages have their symbols?

The Languages and Language Policy in Scotland

 The Belarusian Language Society took Part in the international conference "In the Shadow of Global Languages: Linguistic Management in Scotland and Belarus" (Edinburgh, Scotland, 15 March, 2012). This article focuses on the history and on the present state of Scotland's languages and language policies.

Read the article (in Belarusian) here.

The Official Language must be Honored with a State Holiday!

  №70 of "Narodnaya Volya" newspaper has published the article by Denis Tushinsky. the deputy head of the Belarusian Language Society. The article suggests establishing the new state holiday and focuses on language holidays all over the world.

Linguistic Diversity News

  Each Armenian should write an article for Wiki ● Biological and language diversity's speeds mirror each other ● The 3rd UNESCO conference on linguistic diversity in cyberspace

The Belarusian Language in "Ethnologue" Database

This material by the deputy head of our society Denis Tushinsky was first published on "Nasha Niva" web page. The author analyses drawbacks of the article on the Belarusian language in "Ethnologue" database.

Джэси Бэйрд

Language Diversity News

Economic growth negatively correlates with linguistic diversity.

Official documents in a language with only 750 speakers in Peru.

A school teaching through Wampanoag language, not spoken since the 19 cent., is planned to be opened in the US.

The Swiss Legislation on Languages

The article examines the Swiss language situation and the current trends in the Swiss language policy. The Confederation's legislation is examined as the source of ideas for improving the Belarusian Law on Languages.

Linguistic Diversity News

"Revivalistics" online course.

Montana debates a bill on native languages' immersion programmes support.

5-th Cambridge Conference on language endangerement.

Why there is the Ministry of National Languages in Sri Lanka

The article by the Society's vice chairman Denis Tushinsky examines the language policy of Sri Lanka in the XX century. The author focuses on the activities of the Ministry of National Languages and Social Integration and studies practices that may be adopted in Belarus.